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Update In KLSE Syariah Index (KLSI) Components

BackMay 23, 2006


Bursa Malaysia today announced the changes in the component stocks of the KLSE Syariah Index (KLSE SI).

In line with the updated list of approved securities issued by the Syariah Advisory Council of the Securities Commission on 28 April 2006, the following component stocks are now part of the KLSE SI :

1. FA Peninsular Bhd
7. RB Land Holdings Bhd
2. Lion Diversified Holdings Bhd 8. Esthetics International Group Bhd
3. Aliran Ihsan Resources Bhd 9. Johan Holdings Bhd
4. Lion Industries Corporation Bhd 10. Pan Malaysian Industries Bhd
5. Versatile Creative Bhd 11. The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Bhd
6. PJ Development Holdings Bhd
12. Integrated Rubber Corporation Bhd

The component stocks removed from the KLSE SI are:

1. Amsteel Corporation Bhd 8. Lion Corporation Bhd
2. Cosway Corporation Bhd 9. Mycom Bhd
3. Eastern & Oriental Bhd 10. Prime Utilities Bhd
4. EUPE Corporation Bhd 11. Reliance Pacific Bhd
5. General Corporation Bhd 12. Sungei Bagan Rubber Co (M) Bhd
6. GuocoLand (Malaysia)Bhd 13. Tradewinds Corporation Bhd
7. Kluang Rubber Company (Malaya)

The KLSE SI is a market capitalisation weighted index with its components made up of Main Board companies designated as Syariah approved securities by the Syariah Advisory Council of the Securities Commission. With the changes, there are now 510 Main Board approved securities which form the components of the KLSE SI.

The KLSE SI was launched on 17 April 1999 to meet the increasing demand by local and foreign investors seeking to invest in securities and instruments which are in line with Syariah principles.