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BackSep 03, 2005

03 September 2005

Remisiers must transition to keep up with the times, said Bursa Malaysia Berhad's (Bursa Malaysia) Chief Executive Officer, Yusli Mohamed Yusoff. Speaking at the Bursa Malaysia Remisier Conference today, Yusli touched on the remisier's central role in encouraging retail investor participation in the capital market. He urged remisiers to expand their capabilities and include more advisory-oriented services for their retail clients.

"Individual investors are afraid and unsure of how to weigh their securities investments and often have little clue as to where they can turn to for objective analysis. Remisiers represent the sales force that wields a great deal of direct influence over retail investors. This, to me, is an incredibly powerful responsibility because of the impact remisiers' opinions can have on the retail investor."

He cited the growth of the wealth management business and rising national savings rate as proof of increasing retail investor preference for managed investing and capital preservation.

The Conference also featured speakers from Singapore and Thailand who shared their perspectives on the remisier community in their respective markets, the challenges faced and solutions developed. Said Yusli, "As a community, remisiers in both these markets had to learn how to value-add, expand their skills, become better advisors to clients and in fact, be the retail investor's pulse on the market. And in both markets, remisiers have made this transition successfully, emerging a stronger force to be reckoned with in their capital markets."

Yusli also reiterated the exchange's commitment in assisting remisiers resolve current issues they face in expanding their service spectrum. "We are in discussions with the Securities Commission and close consultation with the various remisier associations in exploring ways to improve the remisier business model."

The Bursa Malaysia Remisier Conference saw over 250 attendees from the remisier community. The one-day conference was aimed at providing local remisiers an opportunity to exchange perspectives with counterparts from other ASEAN countries.